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Sponsors & Twitterismus

I limited the number of free text questions this time to just two, mainly to save myself a lot of work.

The request for suggestions of suitable sponsors for the Crossword Championships was prompted by a conversation I had with someone last year about the grand old days when the competition was typically held in the ballroom of a swanky hotel (and I'm a fool for a swanky hotel).

We didn't get too many suggestions. Among the ones we did receive, Chambers, distilleries and hotels seemed to do best. Though I take my hat off to whoever suggested Prince Harry.

31 If the Championships needed a sponsor in order to return to the sort of swanky central London hotel venue where it was once held, can you suggest anyone who might make a suitable sponsor?

- The Dorchester
- Chambers? Waitrose? Any solvent bank (But I quite like Wapping)
- Murdoch should pay for it - though I wouldn't call him "suitable"
- Chambers Dictionary.
- Channel 4
- Chambers
- Channel 4 Chambers (bring 'em back into the fold) Deutsche Bank (likes sponsoring quintessentially British events)
- They should go back to Whisky sponsorships. I can remember Cutty Sark and Glenfiddich in past championships. Talisker or Laphroaig would be
- Richard Branson - Virgin Money - implication endorsement by Times crossword eggheads.
- Roman Abramovic - a best anagram competition could run concurrently
- George Entwistle
- Chambers Collins Oxford U P
- Dictionary publishers MI5 and MI6
- The same companies who sponsor the 'Inspector Morse' repeats on ITV3.
- Ministry of Arts and Culture (joke)
- Prince Harry
- Royal Bank of Scotland - they need some good PR!
- Google
- please don't, why is that even necessary?
- Apple
- OUP Chambers Foyles English Speaking Union
- Pabst Blue Ribbon
- Stephen Fry
- Malt Whiskey makers
- Dictionary publisher; pen manufacturer; payer of UK corporation tax.
- Boris Johnson
- Publisher of dictionaries and other reference books. (Collins were very good.)
- Maybe an organisation concerned with alcoholic drinks or books.
- Parker pens
- Guinness. Black and white, and Pure Genius.
- Newscorp
- Melia Hotels
- Waterstones
- The Times newspaper itself, surely!
- Old Bushmills Whiskey
- As if the company I suggest would be glad to do so.
- Mr Tumbles
- Chambers
- the Times
- Chambers, OED, Stephen Fry, Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Wade's horse, Laphroaig
- One of the Big Four firms of accountants??
- Cross
- As an American, I don't have any good suggestions, except, obviously, the Times of London.
- Mensa Brainy consultancy firms like Accenture Drinks Companies (we sometimes need a drink when trying to solve the Times crossword)
- Chambers dictionary
- Fuller's
- Timmy Time
- Kodak
- News Corp. - who else
- Richard Murdoch


This year's final question was inspired by an inexplicable whim; and possibly a martini (which also appears to have influenced some of the responses). I'm just going to reprint them as they came in, apart from one teeny little act of censorship (without which we might have to go for the 'adult content' option on LiveJournal).

Life's too short for going through it and counting everything, but I'll throw in one little graph of composers by mention:

32. Twitterismus
In no more than 140 characters... (no groaning at the back), state what you would take to your desert island. Please include:
- a piece of music
- the complete works of ... (not Shakespeare or scripture)
- a film
- a bust of a historical figure to talk to (you'll be going mad anyway with no crosswords to do)
- anything else you can cram in (or of course you can abuse this opportunity to say whatever's on your mind and regret it later - it's the Twitter way)

1) Brahms Symphony No 3, John le Carré, Lawrence of Arabia, Byron
2) Beethoven's Missa Solemnis (a fat lot of good it would do me w/o a CD player) Dickens Young Frankenstein King Tut vast amounts of chocolate
4) Handel: Concerti Grossi John Betjeman Shall We Dance 1937 Noel Coward
5) Beethoven's 15th string quartet Brewer's Who framed Roger Rabbit Charles Darwin Guitar Book of AZED crosswords Pencil... ...Eraser
6) a radio transmitter... I don't do sun
7) Beethoven Harp Quartet Joseph Conrad Casablanca Janacek
8) Cyanide capsule
9) Carmine Meo by Emma Shapplin Isaac Asimov The Day Of The Jackal (Original) Albert Einstein -
10) Schubert's 'Unfinished Symphony', complete Chaucer, 'Quadrophenia', Emily Dickinson bust (sorry), a Skype with yourself (don't worry, I wouldn't over-use it...
11) Beethoven Last String Quartets;Works of Albert Camus;2001, A Space Odyssey;Bust of Einstein;Timothy Taylor's Brewery, Laphroig Distillery
12) Chick corea - children's songs Dostoyevsky Lives of others Nelson/napoleon iPad/cocktail audio with all my music on it/times crossword
13) Chorus of tthe Hebrew Slaves. Bill Bryson. The Quiet Man. Michael Collins. Chambers Dictionary.
14) Beethoven Symp1, Dorothy.L. Sayers (ALL works,some v.rare), Some Like It Hot, Voltaire. +swiss army knife
15) ZYX Italo Disco Collection volume 11 Complete written works of Woody Allen Aliens (director's cut) Bust of Marco Polo ~3 tons of Dairy Milk
16) Bach's cello suite for melancholy, Mozart's solemn vespers, Bernstein's "Mass" All of Heinlein "Trading Places" for fun Bonhoeffer
17) Music - Agadou (to bring about insanity quicker), complete works of Dickens, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Poe, case of scotch.
18) Holst Planets Patrick O'Brien Casablanca Abraham Lincoln playing cards, paper &pens, Kant Critique of Pure Reason
19) Gorecki 3rd symph w Dawn Upshaw. Lewis Carroll. Some Like it Hot, or Brassed Off. Humphrey Littleton (I'm sorry I haven't a clue why)
22) Brahms Requiem; CS Lewis; North by Northwest; CS Lewis; a pastry shop and a bath
23) air on a g string, house of the rising sun by woody guthrie, the art of motorcycle maintenance, shawshank redemption, bertand russell,
24) beethoven 5th piano concerto TS Eliot; chocolate; red burgundy; bust of churchill
25) Finlandia by Jean Sibelius Warwick Deeping Greed by Erich von Stroheim Rodin's "the thinker" Two Sussex Spanniels
26) Donald Fagan Kamakiriad Robert Graves Pirates of the Caribbean (1) Homer
27) baker stree by jerry rafferty; goethe; the third man; berlusconi (for the purpose of abuse); an exercise bicycle
28) any long Beethoven piece Bernard Shaw Les enfants du Paradis Joan of Arc Bendicks bittermints
29) Hate twitter
30) Rach 2nd piano con Chambers Sleepless in Seattle Beethoven Endless supply of bar crosswords
31) Mozart's Piano Concertos Nos 21, 23, 24 Complete works of Zola Citizen Kane Bust of David Hume A tennis court, kit, and an opponent
32) Complete Led Zeppelin Box Set (yes, I know that's cheating) Complete Works Of Charles Dickens Shakespeare In Love Bust Of Socrates
33) Faure' s Requiem Charles Dickens complete works Un homme et une femme Winston Churchill A handmirror and tweezers
35) Bach B minor mass Complete works of Chaucer Blade Runner : the directors cut Bust of Shakespeare Luxury item: my Contreras classical guitar
37) A copy of "Lucky Jim" and a book of Araucaria crosswords (with the solutions at the back).
38) Soave s'il ventouse; Conan Doyle; cool hand Luke; Richard e Feynman; cases of first growths and fine white burgundies;
39) Schubert's Impromptu in G flat Complete works of Norman Collins Gone with the Wind Bust of Mozart My piano Cuddly toy
41) Haydn's '7 last words..', Dickens, Pink Panther, Darwin, a pipe & tobacco, coffee, art materials.
43) Mahler's 5th, Graham Greene, The Sting, Michael Foot, wine.
44) I would take Finzi clarinet concerto,the complete works of R.Scott Bakker,the Shawshank Redemption,a bust of Charles Dickens,bag of crisps.
45) Pachelbel's Canon Colin Dexter The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas No bust - will talk to myself! A big pile of pens and paper
47) Hoffman plays Chopin Anthony Powell Midnight Cowboy Helen of Troy Bicycle
48) Van Morrison Astral Weeks Ken Follet Pretty Woman Eric Morecombe!
49) Barber of Seville (will need cheering up on island) Dorothy Dunnett Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Voltaire My piano + Haydn Sonatas
50) The Brandenburg Concertos Tolstoy Blowup (David Hemmings, Vanessa Redgrave) Pierre Elliott Trudeau Propeller Extra Special Bitter
51) Holst's Planets Works of Isaac Asimov Hot Fuzz Winston Churchill A cricket net with remote-controlled bowling machine
52) Dvorak Cello Concerto Evelyn Waugh sorry, no films Jonathan Swift
54) The Messiah, Robertson Davies, Duck Soup, Edmund Blackadder (a proper role model to us all)
55) The Vaccines 1st album, complete Seinfeld scripts, Goodfellas, bust of Private Ham - the 1st chimp in space, a hula hoop and a comfy chair.
56) Sibelius 6 PG Wodehouse Life & Death of Colonel Blimp Queen Elizabeth 1 Barrel of Remy Martin
57) Tallis' Spem in Alium Complete works of Dickens Brief Encounter Mozart My golf clubs A chess set
58) Bartok's String Quartets,James Joyce,The Ladykillers (Ealing versIon),Puccini,Power Shower, telescope,camera,microscope SwissArmy knife,JCB!
59) Messiah (old T.S.O.version);works of Rudyard Kipling; Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein (it has a special memory);bust of Lincoln; my sketchbox.
60) A Whiter Shade of Pale James Joyce The Fellowship of the Ring Lenin Audrey Tautou
61) Beach Boys (any) Arthur Ransome Father Goose Queen Victoria Tea bags, chocolate and toilet paper
63) My wife and my piano!
65) Entertainment by Gang of Four, Complete Sherlock Holmes, Blues Brothers, bust of Robert Rankin
67) Land of the Mountain and the Flood ...Tchaikovsky When Harry Met Sally Karl Marx Sunblock Manicure set Yeast and a very large bucket
69) verdi requiem gibbon local hero bust of a pretty girl
70) French Suites - Btvn Q 131 just too risky; Pepys - I'll finish at last, (unless Arucaria counts); The Thin Man (Myrna Loy!); B Franklin
71) Bach Matthew Passion OED Now Voyager Suleiman the Magnificent Gin and tonic, limes, paper, pencils, erasors
72) I don't Twitter
73) Schubert piano sonatas. Can I have a piano too? P.G. Wodehouse The Big Lebowski Stephen Fry (recent history)
75) Beethoven Violin Concerto Charles Dickens Shawshank Redemption Winston Churchill Unlimited supply of any 1st Growth Claret
79) Music: Rock, maybe Evanescence or Linkin Park. Books: Matthew Reilly or Stephen King Film: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
80) Bach - Italian suites Jane Austen (or Georgette Heyer !) The night if the iguanas Socrates
81) Elgar's cello concerto. Chopin. Enemy of the State. Beethoven. Piano. guitar.violin.
82) Music: "Picnic of Love", Complete works of Terry Pratchett. "Meet The Feebles". Bust of Linus Pauling. SMARTPHONE!!!
83) Violent Femmes Complete works of Agatha Christie Bliss (the film) A bust of John Lennon Good selection of cheeses
84) Sibelius 4. Brief Encounter
85) Der Rosenkavalier CW of Norman Davies Dr Strangelove Bust: Margaret Petherbridge Farrar
86) Bach double violin concerto Anthology of Poetry (cheat!) The Four Feathers Elizabeth I Writing paper and pencils
87) Recording of Nabucco Dickens Metropolis Elizabeth i Armagnac
88) Rossini - The Barber of Seville Works of AA Wainwright Film -Amelie Bust - Marolyn Monroe Also a naughty young lady I see for some fun!
90) Born to run James Joyce Casablanca Jesus Playstation 3 and plenty of games A crate of Chablis
91) A two tone sunburst 1957 Fender Stratocaster with maple neck and a Fender twin reverb amp assuming there's a power supply
92) Tower Crane Driver by Elbow (live Abbey Road version), Douglas Adams, Blues Brothers, Peter Cook, Swiss army knife, pork scratchings.
93) I don't twitter, don't want to twitter and can't stand any mention of it.
96) Well Tempered Clavier Anne Tyler Manhattan The bust of Marilyn Monroe
97) Spiegel Im Spiegel (Arvo Pärt), works of Agatha Christie, bust of Bertrand Russell, good walking boots (with socks)
98) Cole porter. Armistead maupin or Kingsley Amis. Cabaret. Freud.
99) music-Holst, The Planets complete Graham Greene film- The King's Speech bust- Taras Shevchenko sketchbook and pencil
100) Carl Nielsen: Fynsk Forår Anthony Powell Casablanca Socrates Rembrandt: Hendrickje Stoffels (c.1654-9)
101) Highway 61 Revisited (Bob Dylan) Jorge Luis Borges (in translation) Rebecca Genghis Khan Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
102) Haydn Symphonies Walter Scott Delicatessen Marat fondue set
103) Sultans of Swing Dire Straits Flann O'Brian works Tin Drum film James Joyce bust Scissors Toothbrush Floss Sunglasses Peanut Butter
104) iPad and a dartboard with darts
105) Bach Passacaille and Fugue Proust 2001 Aristotle
106) Enigma Variations. Araucaria. Dead Poets Society. Pliny the Elder.
107) Goldberg Variations Proust Casino Royale (Daniel Craig version) Plato A guitar
108) a phone to call for help
111) Havergal Brian, Gothic Symphony. Complete Charles Dickens. No film. Bust of Stan Laurel.
112) Gracelands CD (Paul Simon) Complete works of James Michener Film - 4 weddings & a funeral Bust of Desmond Tutu Brewer (the book not the man)
113) Beethoven 7th Anthony Trollope All About Eve Jane Austen (the gossip!) 1066 and All That Sgt Pepper and Stones Let It Bleed
114) Mass in B minor Charles Dickens The Seventh Seal Sigmund Freud (a good listener) a case of a single malt
116) Beethoven's 9th Bradshaw's Railway guides Cabaret, the film Bust of Captain James Cook a wine cellar
117) Dimanche a Bamako Stephen J gould La Haine Napoleon Bonaparte Chocolate
119) Gran Partita - Mozart; Evelyn Waugh William the Conqueror My late dog Robinson and my late cat Thompson
121) A home brew kit for making beer, fishing rod and lure, and a wind up radio.
122) V Williams - Fantasia on theme of Thomas Tallis Conan Doyle Blues Brothers Winston Churchill A piano
124) bach b minor mass proust (in french) pulp fiction beethoven polyglot bible
125) Rupert Murdoch's funeral anthem Roger Hargreaves Cling Florence Nightingale or Queen Victoria - magnificent busts both I don't cram anymore
126) Dark Side of the Moon Complete works of Simenon Lord of the Rings Many Times Xword compilations. Twitter and Facebook for Dummies
127) Golf clubs & balls Mary Berry cookbooks The Thomas Crown Affair (Brosnan/Russo)
129) Marilyn Manson cd Phillip K Dick Hellraiser Caligula Laptop and solar charger
130) a great book
132) Moonlight Sonata, Ian Rankin, The Usual Suspects, Beethoven, solar powered world radio
134) Parsifal, Wagner Stephen King works Friday 13th film (s) Historical figure - Einstein
135) Bill McLaren's 100 Greatest Tries
136) journey - dont stop believing, the complete works of sebastian faulks, master & commander, talk to the bust off art attack...
137) Where I live is like a desert island. And inescapably my wife too is there. And all the clutter that I can't get rid of.
139) Works of Terry Pratchet
140) Like the survey! I'll save up good clues from 2013, now I know there's a forum to thank setters. Any puzzle-setting openings?
141) Bach 48 John Fowles Life of Brian Henry 8
142) Louis A's Wonderful World,works of Leonardo Da V, Ran by Kurosawa,a bust of Julius Caeser, and my wife would suffice.
143) Quadrophenia, Hemingway, Lord of the Rings, Marie-Antoinette (more attractive than Julius Caesar)
144) Brandenburg Concertos Anthony Trollope, only because they would last longer than Jane Austen's A Man for All Seasons Richard Feynman Practical Boatbuilding
145) Prokovief Violin Concerto no.2 Proust Blade Runner James Joyce A teddy bear
147) Cadiz (Juan Martin) Douglas Adams The Truman Show Charles Darwin
148) Scott Joplin rag Charles Darwin The Jungle Book Sir Issac Newton A solar still for fresh water and alcoholic experiments.
149) Chopin raindrops Works of Jane Austen Zulu film bust of Charles2
150) bruch violin concerto; capablanca; bladerunner;newton; chess set;
152) - Compilation of The Beatles - Brewer's Fables - Sound of Music - Bust of Beethoven The Holy Bible (King James) and plenty of pen and pa
153) Messiaen turangalila symphony Dickens Casablanca Bust of my wife Complete Listener and Araucaria crosswords
154) Peer Gynt Dylan Thomas Top Gun Brunel Pencil and paper
155) Tubular Bells 2 Tolkein Lord of the Rings Trilogy Jesus Yes Prime Minister
157) Hound Dog - Bill Bryson - E.T. - Elvis Presley - naked pics of my wife
158) a solar-powered Iridium communicator would enable contact to the outside world from wherever
160) Louis Armstrong - Wonderful World, Charles Dickens, Magnolia, Charles Darwin, sun cream and a swiss army knife might be handy.
162) Bjork - Iain Banks
163) Miles Davis - Birth of the Cool Issac Asimov Pulp Fiction Bust of Jane Mansfield ( not the head, just the bust)
164) Mozart piano concerto no.22 Hardy Pride and Prejudice Henry 8th a Piano
166) Orchestra Baobab's Utru Horas / Francis Bacon / O Lucky Man! / Alan Turing / notepad and pencils
167) Rossini The Barber of Seville,the complete works of Dickens, Film-Five Easy Pieces, Bust of Socrates, a continuous supply of salted peanuts.
168) Die Meistersinger, Evelyn Waugh, Some Like it Hot, Jesus,merino wool sweaters,Loakes shoes,Hendricks GinTonic Water,Ice, cologne.
169) Complete organ works of JS Bach Charles Dickens Lord of the Rings trilogy JS Bach Oviously... the complete set of Times Jumbo Cryptic books!
170) 42nd Street Robert ludlum Notting Hill (or similar) Marylin Monroe Large supply of fags & wine!
171) If not Shakespeare, then, Dickens.
172) Richard Strauss' Four Last Songs sung by Gundula Janowitz ;Len Deighton; O Lucky Man; St Ignatius Loyola; a piano and plenty of sheet music.
173) A strange way to end, but OK, here goes: A recording of Frank Sinatra's 1962 Lido/Paris show, Robert Massey books, The Lion in Winter, and bust of Ben Franklin. Out of space...
174) La Boheme First World War poets Dam busters William the Conquerer
175) Bach Partitas by Richard Goode or Angela Hewitt William Boyd or Evelyn Waugh A bust of Gordon Brown for the lifelike response I'd get!
176) -Bach's Concerto in C Minor, Allegro -Books of Atlantic Monthly Puzzles and Times Puzzles (I'd get around this no puzzles business!) -Charlie Chaplin's The Kid
177) madame butterfly kate atkinson fargo captain oates
180) A comfy bed Go,tell it on the mountain Works of Charlotte Bronte We're all going on a summer holiday St Luke
181) Abbey Road, Complete Works of Stephen King, Castaway (for tips), Churchill (for inspiration)...
183) Prokofiev-Romeo and Juliet Richmal Crompton Italian Job Isambard Kingdom Brunel Set of golf clubs and balls
184) Music: Definitely Maybe by Oasis, the complete works of Graham Greene, film: The Godfather, bust of Winston Churchill
185) She,C S forester,High Society,Churchill, all of which to be accompanied by 1st growth Margaux in unlimited amounts
187) La Peste Rodin Curse of the Were Rabbit Cyrano de Bergerac (to help when planting potatoes) Sotira - for daily survey amusement
189) Marche Slave - Tchaikovsky Robert Wilson Blade Runner - uncut Margaret Thatcher - to use as a hammer, pestle, pick axe etc
191) Song: 'Isolation' by Joy Division (not my favourite song, but my favourite group, and apt) Author: William Boyd Bust: George Orwell
192) Prokofiev's 2nd piano concerto; David Mitchell; Once Upon A Time in America; Newton; a piano with music
194) Adele - Someone like you!! Jane Austen or Graham Greene The Piano Bust of Charles Darwin Gardening equipment Soap Matches
195) Any Bach; Dickens; Casablanca;Voltaire. My piano? As many cookbooks as possible plus a wok/saute pan; The Raj Quartet; endless paper and pens - that more than anything else.
196) We have all the time in the world, Douglas Adams, Bringing up Baby with Cary Grant, I'd rather have a statue of a burmese cat and a decanter
197) Mahler 2nd Symphony Boat Building for Idiots Some Like it Hot Bust of Marilyn Monroe Outboard Motor and Fuel
198) Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon Jonathan Raban Dog Day Afternoon Bust of Jayne Mansfield a Drum kit
199) a notebook, a power supply and internet access to be able to do the Times crossword, of course.
202) A computer, powered by solar energy and with satellite broadband access, would provide a plethora of items mentioned. Less if no web.
204) Music: Charles Ives: Symphony no.2 Complete works of: Aristophanes Film: Drowning by Numbers Bust of: Herodotus Cram in: 120 NZ Pinot Noir
205) -Stones Exile on Main St. -Mark Twain -M.P./Holy Grail -Mark Twain again -as much food as possible. And lots of matches.
206) ella fitzgerald, wodehouse, les enfants du paradis, buddha,
209) Mozart, Dostoevsky, Ladykiller, Catherine the Great, 4poster bed, espresso machine, antibiotics, 1910 edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica
210) Music: Brahms 3rd symphony Complete works of: David Foster Walllace Film: Brazil Bust of a historical figure: Brahms
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